It's all about business (NOT technology)...

Bonafide Development Resources (BDR) has been providing technical consulting services in the western United States for over nineteen years. In this time, we have worked with many of the area's most successful companies. Companies with a world-wide reach.

In our nineteen-plus years of consulting, we have seen many different technologies come and go. Even though technology has changed dramatically in that time, our focus hasn't. Rather than focusing on technology, our focus is on our clients and understanding their unique business needs. This approach insures that unlike the technologies that come and go, our clients are deeply rooted in success - for the long-term.

We definitely understand the inner workings of some sophistated technologies. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we understand business. Our greatest asset is that we are bi-lingual - we speak the language of business and the language of technology. Our expertise is translating the business requirements of a company into an imaginative solution.

We focus on our client needs by using a technology that is right for them, rather than the one that is right for us. We are solution agnostic as we all know "one size" DOES NOT FIT ALL.

We are simply a group of senior level developers and managers genuinely interested in designing the solution that is right for you. If we don't possess a specific skill, we'll tell you; up-front. That's how we have done business for the past nineteen-plus years.

In a way, it's all in our name:

bo�na fide
Pronunciation: 'bO-n&-"fId, 'b�-; "bO-n&-'fI-dE, -'fI-d&
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin, literally, in good faith
1 : made in good faith without fraud or deceit a bona fide offer to develop a solution
2 : made with earnest intent : SINCERE
3 : neither specious nor counterfeit : GENUINE
synonym see AUTHENTIC